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Three of Las Vegas’s finest barbers – Nick Karel, Smerling “Rockstar” Montero and Fidel “Gucci” Hernandez at The Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails in The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas – discuss popular men’s haircuts, trends and more. After a cut, don’t forget to grab a cocktail in the adjacent and super-cool speakeasy.

What is the most popular haircut right now?

Karel: “There are a lot of popular cuts right now. Recently, I’ve been seeing long curly mullets, Quifs and classic combovers with a hard part.”

Montero: “Most patrons like the high skin fade with the combover in the hard part.”

Hernandez: “In my professional opinion, the most professional hairstyle right now is the Edgar cut.”

What hot and upcoming hair trends are you seeing right now?

Karel: “It seems like curly fringe cuts with drop fades, messy pompadours and crop cuts with low tapers are starting to trend.”

Montero: “The mullet is back again. That’s what’s happened now and what it’s gonna be for the next few years.”

Hernandez: “I’ve been seeing more and more of the mullet and its trends coming back.”

What is the best haircut you provide?

Karel: “I feel like I do a lot of gentlemen’s cuts and classic combovers with a low drop skin fade and a hard part. That experience translates into a better cut each time.”

Montero: “I provide image consultation with the customer first to achieve the look he’s going for, then perform a business haircut. It gives a lot of longevity to the personal image and fits any trend or room that a man needs to look good in.”

Hernandez: “I provide the best service all around, so I’d have to say all of them! My growth and knowledge have taken me on this journey!”

What is your favorite haircut?

Karel: “All hairstyles are a form of art. But if I had to choose, I do like to do spiky mullets or spiked burst fades. They have a certain energy to them I enjoy.”

Montero: “My favorite cut is actually the shave. While it’s not a haircut, it’s properly done because I use a 14-step method for shaving. It’s satisfying seeing the results for the client with a real professional shave and relaxing finish.”

Hernandez: “My favorite cut would have to be the Gentlemen’s cut because it gives the client more hair to work with and better options to style.”

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