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Spiegelworld, on April 10, celebrated the lucky 13th anniversary of its hit show “Absinthe” – featuring jaw-dropping acrobatics, burlesque and adults-only humor – with a “Halloween in April” party in the Spiegeltent and its ancillary garden in the Roman Plaza outside Caesars Palace.

Pre-show, Spiegelworld’s Ross Mollison entertained VIP guests in the Pier 17 Yacht Club, the new speakeasy bar inside the Green Fairy Garden that surrounds the “Absinthe” tent. Niko Novick, Spiegelworld’s executive of beverage and cocktail, created a brew for the occasion with Patron Silver Tequila. VIP guests also sipped on Pizzolato Prosecco and Liquid Death.

Dressed as a ghost, Mollison told guests, “It’s been 14 years since I first met then-President of Caesars Palace Gary Selesner, who gave Spiegelworld a shot at creating a new show on this hallowed fake Las Vegas turf, up to then known for Evel Knievel’s fateful jump. Surely, we landed it better than Evel! Without the belief and support of Gary, we would have never opened and certainly never survived.

“And here we stand, 13 years later, by all accounts a bigger hit than ever. Congratulations to everybody who makes ‘Absinthe’ happen every night of the year. This wonderful show has helped us give birth to so many other incredible attractions in Vegas, Atlantic City and soon New Orleans. In a few months, we will be opening across the street to present the incredible ‘Disco Show,’ and the mighty fine Diner Ross, with side serves of 99 Prince bar and The Glitterloft.

“As that classic disco song goes, I love the nightlife. I love Vegas. I love our Caesars Entertainment partners who take a punt on us, including the incredible Tom Reeg, Anthony Carano and Regional President the devilishly handsome Sean McBurney. And I especially love Gary Selesner.”

April 10’s performance of “Absinthe” delivered its now-signature jaw-dropping acrobatics, outrageous antics and creative hospitality, with a healthy dollop of audience participation. The Gazillionaire, tent producer, host and owner, tried to keep all on track while his wacky assistant Wanda Widdles transformed into a rocky horror show of her own, having drunk a mysterious elixir during the show.

By the time the finale arrived, the entire cast and many in the audience had morphed into their own Halloween alter-egos, ready to party in the Green Fairy Garden – or Scream Fairy Garden as it became known.

Once the “Absinthe” cast posed for photos with the 13th anniversary jack-o’-lantern cake from Las Vegas Custom Cakes, DJ Night Weapons began cranking out hits, creepy characters roamed the garden, and more than 600 guests enjoyed Spiegelworld’s No Pants burgers, pumpkin cupcakes and abundant cocktails.

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