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By Ed Condran

Blink-182 failed to score many favorable reviews during its creative height and commercial heyday at the turn of the century. Some critics wrote off the pop-punk trio as a joke as the band’s amusing tunes “All the Small Things” and “What’s My Age Again?” scaled the pop charts.

However, Blink-182, who perform July 3 at T-Mobile Arena, is having the last laugh as the band has sold more than 50 million albums, and much of the music criticism has been rewritten.

Blink-182, much like pop-punk peers Green Day, who were also maligned by some critics and members of the punk rock community, not only still stand but also are among the most influential recording artists of their era.

Fall Out Boy and All Time Low are two of the many bands who have absorbed Blink-182’s guitar-driven sound, which combines pure pop and blunt force.

And then there are the fans who have embraced the band, which proved to be exceptional detailing adolescent angst. The confessional “Adam’s Song” and the amusing “Dammit” are each written from the viewpoint of a teen coming to grips with a big, complicated world.

Even though Blink-182’s fans have grown up, the Southern California band’s material has aged well. The Blink-182 rousing classics such as “First Date” and “The Rock Show” are still resonant.

The combination of the hook-laded tunes and a tour featuring the three original members – bassist-vocalist Mark Hoppus, drummer Travis Barker and the return of vocalist-guitarist Tom DeLonge – has enabled the group to sell out arenas during its tour.

It’ll be curious to see if Blink-182 takes its own advice and “Stay Together for the Kids.” After leaving the band in 2015, DeLonge returned in 2022. Blink-182 is touring behind its latest album “One More Time …” that dropped last October.

The band proves that it still can crank out catchy pop-punk. Check out the initial single “Edging” for proof. There’s no reason to stop now since somehow Blink-182 is more popular than ever.

The trio of longtime friends have come a long way since their “PooPoo PeePee” tour of 1998 and have indeed grown up. However, Blink-182 hasn’t lost its playfulness at middle age.

Blink-182’s latest tunes possess the familiar lightheartedness fans enjoy, and the trio has always been adept at engaging the audience. Blink-182 is certain to play “All the Small Things” and the big hits upon its return to Las Vegas.

If You Go

Pierce the Veil and Hot Milk open. 7 p.m. July 3.

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