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Growing up in Florida, my dad would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, and I always said from a young age that “I want to be a comedian!”

My dad’s response was “but you’re not funny …” He took me to see Gallagher, and I was hooked! I knew this is what I wanted to do.

While I was in college, at my first audition I made my first prop – it was this crime watch sign that I had stolen, and I said, “Hey, sorry, I’m late. I was in the neighborhood.”

I held up this neighborhood crime watch sign that I’d stolen, and I said, “How good is their crime watch if I’m watching their signs?” The woman who was auditioning me asked if I had any more signs, and I said “No, but I can go steal more!”

The show has changed since then, and I always keep the show updated – making a new prop or jokes from news headlines, music, just about anything going on in the world today – I want to make sure no one sees the same show twice.

However, I do like to bring out some of the classics like the “string telephones with caller ID and call waiting,” this was one of George Carlin’s favorite jokes of mine.

When I started touring at the beginning of my career in 1985, I had two trunks and a strobe light, driving around in a van. The show has evolved since then – now we have so many trunks full of props, a video wall, a fog machine, streamer cannons – it’s come a long way.

This November, I will celebrate my 19th year at Luxor Hotel & Casino with more than 10,000 shows! It has been an amazing ride, and I owe so much of it to this wonderful city of Las Vegas.

Thank you!

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