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Who would have guessed that three museums, aka immersive and interactive attractions, would open within a few miles of one another near Las Vegas Boulevard and Harmon Avenue in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip – and within the same few years?

That happened with the premieres of Arte Museum Las Vegas near Ocean Prime between The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and Aria, Museum of Illusions also near Ocean Prime and Paradox Experience (formerly Paradox Museum) at Showcase Mall across Las Vegas Boulevard.

A few things the three attractions have in common: They’re family-friendly, they’re fascinating in their own right, and they’re interactive/immersive. Here’s a quick breakdown of the terrific trio:

Arte Museum

Arte Museum is visually mesmerizing. The immersive digital art venue is a $25 million, two-story and 30,000-square-foot space in 63 (3716 S. Las Vegas Blvd.). Korean digital design company d’strict launched Arte Mu- seum in 2020, and Arte (pronounced “Are- Tay”) Museum Las Vegas, the first location in North America, followed venues in five Asian cities. One word: Instagram-worthy. †

Museum of Illusions

Paradox and Museum of Illusions share a few similar exhibits, but the latter is also visit-worthy. Explore a collection of per- spective-changing rooms and installations and spellbinding images. The immersive exhibits exemplify that nothing is ever quite as it seems – especially in the Museum of Illusions – so be ready to be mesmerized. †

Paradox Experience

Paradox Experience offers a daytime retreat where guests can cool off while embarking on an exciting adventure. Featuring 90 colorful, indoor exhibits, each installation at this arts and entertainment venue is designed to inspire new perspec- tives, encourage exploration and create photo-worthy moments. Visiting family and friends loved Paradox. LasVegas. †

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